The Best Shirts to Wear with a Grey Suit 2021 Men’s Style Guide

These suggestions do not apply to solid dress shirts. They also work for a patterned dress shirt. For maximum effect, pair shirts and tie with grey suits by choosing a striped shirt or micro checkered shirt. A solid or patterned tie will also work well. It is important to choose a shirt that has a narrow spacing between the patterns and a tie with a wider spread. Gray suits will look better with shirts that have smaller, more traditional patterns like checks or stripes than with bold floral prints. For example, your suit could have a pinpoint or something very close to a single solid. Your shirt could be striped and your tie could have a micropattern. This would make everything harmonious, and not have the same width or scale. These theories about pattern density can make it look confusing to viewers. If you do not want something fancy check the different variety of classic blazers is recommended for you.

Pink Shirt & Tie Mixtures with a Grey Suit

Light blue is the next most popular option after white, and it's also one of the smarter options. You can combine light blue shirts with any type of gray suit. However, they look best with light and medium grey suits. There are a variety of patterns and textures available in light blue, as well as 200 shades.

To tie the look together, you can use different colors for your tie and pocket square. This style is especially well-suited for lightly tanned leather. Make sure to look out for natural leather accents that will enhance this look. A pink shirt can add a subtle pop of color to a plain white shirt. This light color will add dimension to your outfit and complement your suit's cool grey tone. Although it might not be your favorite color, pink is definitely worth a try.

The Pocket Square

There are many options when it comes to wearing your gray suit to a wedding or casual event. To create the right amount of contrast, it is essential that the pattern spacing between the tie- and shirt patterns are adequate. The overall appearance will be too jarring for the viewer if there is no difference in the pattern spacing. A range of grey suits will look great with a powder blue shirt. Although not technically a suit, a light gray blazer can be a great way to start this discussion. A light grey blazer is versatile enough to be worn every day.


You can also wear a navy or black tie with a white shirt to achieve a winning look. A power tie in red tones is a great way to stand out. A classic grey suit can look a bit boring, even though it is timeless. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your suit, a printed or patterned shirt is the best choice. Simple patterns such as stripes or checks can be worn easily and create subtle interest without being too over-the-top. Bolder prints can make a bold statement and create an unforgettable outfit. The more complicated a print is, the more difficult it can be to wear.

Olive green and purple, which are close to blue colors on the color wheel will give you a feeling of familiarity with your outfit. A burnt orange tie with texture is a great complement to a white shirt and orange stripes. Gray is a great suit color, as it can be found in many shades.

This article will give you guidelines for choosing the right dress shirt, tie and pocket square to match a grey suit. Every gentleman should have a burgundy tie. It pairs well with a grey suit and is more commonly worn in conjunction with a navy suit. A suit that is well-worn can be as dashing and elegant as a suit. It's essential to choose the right color suit for your grey suit.

Medium grey suits fall somewhere between light grey suits or charcoal grey suits, depending on how formal they are. They look best paired with black, brown, or darker brown shoes. Shoes that are lighter in color/tan should be avoided. Instead, choose medium- or dark brown shoes. It is best to choose shoes that are the same shade as your suit or trousers. A grey suit and a powder blue shirt will retain the crisp look of a white shirt but add some visual interest. Lighter greys will complement powder blues well, creating a sense of unity that will make your suit more comfortable for the daytime. Blue shirts allow you to experiment with your tie and accessories.

A gray suit is a wardrobe essential for men, right alongside the navy suit. It's more than a business suit. You can also pair it with a variety of shirts and ties. A classic blue and white stripe shirt can be paired with any grey suit. French collared shirts, which have a white collar and a patterned shirt, look best with formal wear. A light blue shirt can create a preppy, light style that is great for both daytime and summer looks.

Tie - a great way to increase the size of your wardrobe is easy and inexpensive. Orange - If you're bold enough to combine grey and orange, who can we stop you? If fashion gods could give us tips, they would probably advise you to avoid this suit disaster. Purple - This is a bright color that is difficult to style.